I often tell people that I’m the biggest self-aware misogynist I know.

I was writing a scene last night between a woman general and the man she helped put on the throne. I started writing in some romantic tension, and realized how lazy that was. There are other kinds of tension.

This is an incredibly powerful, eye-opening article for all writers, but especially the ones who are looking to break their characters out of the tired old tropes.

I’m reminded of my very first phone conversation with my editor, when we were talking about the characters who’d go into my first book. It was her suggestion that Cecily, my heroine, would be the ex-Marine who’d gone the survivalist route, living in the Canadian wilderness. She, not the hero, would’ve been captured in war, tortured, and held prisoner.

My only push-back was that I did not want Cecily to have been raped. I don’t want to downplay the stories of sexual assault survivors, but I wanted people to know there are other challenges women can face. There are other tragedies women can overcome. There are other stories that women have to tell, even in romance.


I empathize with you, man.


I empathize with you, man.

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"Every introvert alive knows the exquisite pleasure of stepping from the clamor of a party into the bathroom and closing the door."

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I’m over at Just Contemporary Romance all weekend with a couple of special posts celebrating my second wedding anniversary. Stop by and say hello! And be sure to follow the link at the bottom to the Sourcebooks giveaway of ten signed ARCs!

buffy meme - [6/7] quotes 
→ “I should be in bed cuddling up to my insomnia and worrying about how i’m going to mess up tomorrow.”

This is me, every day.

Oh wow, I’m a Slayer!

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For Loncon 3 weekend: 66% off all ebooks in the Ebooks Direct Store



It’s making both of us a bit crazy, but business that needs to be done at home and in other venues means we can’t do Worldcon this year, even when it’s as close as London.

That said, there’s no reason not to celebrate it and its attendees. So for the convention weekend, all our ebook stock at the Ebooks Direct store is  going for 66% off. No need to use discount codes: the store has already knocked 2/3 off all the prices.

So if you’ve been waiting for a sale, this is a good time to reward your self-control (especially as we don’t discount any lower than this). In particular, the 9-volume Young Wizards New Millennium Edition box set is a good deal at this discount level. ($18.99 instead of nearly $63.00? You do the math.) And there are all kinds of other things available too.

(One note on this: the signed hardcovers and paperbacks are not part of the sale. But you might like looking at them anyway. Another thing: all the physical books are being moved to their new home at signedbooksdirect.com over the weekend. We’ll post here when the store’s ready. For all of you who’ve been saying you prefer physical books to electronic ones… now you’ll be able to get them, signed and personalized. And there are a fair number of rare books and collectibles in the new offering.)

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Hey guys,

I’ve recced the Young Wizard set before, but this deserves a re-recommend. If you’re looking for awesome an modern sci-fi/fantasy-esque young adult set that has incredible appeal to adults, pick these up ASAP!

And Facebook, but it’s a terrifying world there full of spam and questionable privacy, so…

I have been known to post pictures of my dogs and cats to both sites. :)

It’s a day for exciting news!

Sourcebooks is giving away ten ARCs of The Longest Night over at Goodreads.

Audible.com just told me the audiobook of TLN is done with edits and has now gone into production.

I got the proofread copy of The Deepest Night, with only a couple of suggested wording edits.

(And it’s my second wedding anniversary in three days!)

Sourcebooks is giving away ten signed ARCs of The Longest  Night over at Goodreads!


Haiku for Coffee Lovers

coffee coffee coffee.